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Building a better future

Mater Adult Hospital — artist's impressionThe many buildings that comprise Mater's complex stand as a true testament to the Sisters of Mercy's vision and mission. As a ministry of Mercy Partners, Mater Health Services continues to operate and provide healthcare in the tradition of Mercy.

Each building has been conceived for a specific purpose and as vehicles for Mercy and Mater values in action. These values—compassion and service to the poor and the afflicted—have been the guiding spirit of the hospitals.

Each hospital also reflects a significant commitment from the community. From the beginning, the Sisters relied on public contributions to help achieve their goals. These buildings attest to the foresight of the many individuals who, through their support of Mater, invested in the health of future generations. It is this factor that ensures each building is socially, as well as architecturally, significant in Queensland's heritage.