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Community support

Community SupportMater has been built on a tradition of giving—from the Sisters of Mercy who gave their time and compassion, the doctors and nurses who gave their expertise and knowledge, to the members of the community whose donations built the first hospitals.

Today, Mater Foundation (formerly Mater Hospital’s Trust) is a continuation of that tradition, harnessing the community's goodwill for the hospitals and Mater Research.

Annually, more than 500 dedicated volunteers also give the gift of their time at Mater, providing vital support services and comfort to our patients, their families and friends.


Over the last 100 years countless people have given their time, skill and money in support of Mater, making advances in exceptional care possible and changing the healthcare landscape through research and new technology.


William Naughton, a grazier from Gin Gin, donates A£500 to the Sisters to establish their own hospital.


The Foundation Stone of Mater Private Hospital—South Brisbane is laid. The large crowd readily responds to the call for donations and contributes A£4000.


Many doctors volunteer to serve at Mater Public Hospital. In its first ten years, Mater attracts many of Brisbane’s distinguished doctors to its honorary staff.


Mater receives the welcome news that it will receive part proceeds of the government’s Golden Casket Art Union.


The Mater Ball is extensively advertised on radio and on the screen at suburban cinemas.


The first fashion parade is held at Princes Café. The queue for tickets causes a traffic jam in Queen Street.


Queensland’s first real estate art union, Mater Prize Home, is established.


During the 1960s and 70s several fundraising committees form to support Mater, including the still-active Mater Mothers’ and Mater Adult Hospitals Auxiliaries.


Queensland Newspapers, under chairman Reg Leonard, become strong supporters of Brisbane’s two children’s hospitals, making them beneficiaries of the Radio station 4BK’s Good Friday appeal.


Mater Hospitals’ Trust (now Mater Foundation) is established.


Mater Special Events Committee is established by Betty McGrath, a long term Mater supporter.


Sr Pamela Barker is appointed as Mater’s first Volunteer Coordinator and volunteers are immediately busy supporting patients.


Cecilia McNally leaves a bequest of A$1.3 million to Mater Children’s Hospital.


Sister Angela Mary Doyle visits Master Cheng Yen of the Tzu Chi Buddhist Compassion Relief Foundation. By 2002 Tzu Chi had donated A$1.2 million to Mater.


Bill Siganto and family donate A$1 million to establish Mater Prostate Cancer Research Centre.


Tony and Lisa Teng donate A$800,000 to cancer care and research.


The Taiwan Takechi Foundation pledges A$1 million to the new Mater Mothers’ Hospital.