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Coming to hospital

Choosing your private specialist care

Children will require a referral from a GP or other medical practitioner to see one of Mater’s exceptional specialists. Click here to see a list these specialists.


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For parents, carers and children

Visiting hospital can be unsettling at any age. For a child, the idea of going to hospital may seem a little scary. Here are some helpful tips you can do to help you both feel prepared:

Pre-admission guidelines

Prior to admission you will be sent a pre-admission letter with your child’s admission date and time, plus some paperwork to complete on their behalf. This will include a Personal Details form, Health Assessment and a Medication Summary. You might also need to bring any test request forms from your specialist (e.g. blood test or X-ray referral).

One of our friendly admission team members will call you approximately three days before your child’s admission for an over-the-phone assessment and to check some personal details.This is a good time to ask any questions you might have, or to let us know of any special requirements you have during your stay.

Meals and special dietary needs

Mater Children's Private Brisbane is pleased to offer Room Service.  All meals are freshly prepared and can be ordered at your convenience and delivered to your room.  Room Service is available between 6.30 am and 7 pm.

If your child has special dietary needs make sure you tell a Mater staff member so we can make arrangements for you.

On the day

On the day of your admission please present to Mater Children’s Private Brisbane Day Unit, located on level 5, at the time shown on your child’s pre-admission letter. Please note the requested time relates to your child’s admission only, this is not your child’s operation or procedure time. It is important that you and your child arrive at this time to allow for any necessary pre-operative requirements.

Parent’s lounge

We understand that having a child in hospital is a stressful time for a parent. While providing compassionate care to your child is our number one priority, we care about your needs too.

Our parent’s lounge provides a space for you to have a coffee, read a magazine, or talk with one of our volunteers and other parents. It is located close to our Day Unit on level 5, so you are never far from your child while they are in surgery.

Hospital fees and charges

Mater Children's Private Brisbane provides exceptional care for families who choose to self-finance or have private health insurance.  Hospital charges can include accommodation, use of theatre, prostheses and essential pharmacy items for your child’s care.