Mater boasts one of the largest and most diversely skilled neurosurgical services in Australia.

Offering integrated care for patients the multidisciplinary team achieves outstanding clinical outcomes across all areas of surgery, medicine, radiology, pathology, emergency care, intensive care, rehabilitation and nursing care.

Neurosurgeons at Mater offer a comprehensive service—catering to all age groups, with diverse specialisation in:

  • brain and pituitary tumours
  • cerebral tumours
  • craniofacial surgery
  • neuroendoscopic surgery
  • pituitary surgery
  • skull base tumours
  • spinal surgery – minimally invasive including disc arthroplasty and spinal fusion surgery
  • surgery for epilepsy
  • pain management surgery
  • trigeminal neuralgia

It is no accident that so many neurosurgeons have decided to base their practice at Mater—the home of Queensland's first neurosurgical unit established in 1954 by Dr Geoff Toakley as neurosurgeon and Dr Peter Landy as physician.

Today, Mater’s commitment to neurosurgery is still evident with the development of specialised operating theatres enabling faster, more accurate procedures.

By having a large team of integrated specialists at Mater there is a wealth of experience to draw on.

This experience combined with the hospital’s determination to keep the service at the cutting edge of medicine means that the future is bright for Mater and its patients.

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