MPHB Preadmission Clinic

At Mater Private Hospital Brisbane Preadmission Clinic we understand that coming to hospital can be an unsettling experience. The Preadmission Clinic staff value you as our patient and our aim is to provide exceptional care to you, from preadmission through to discharge.

Prior to your hospital admission you will have the opportunity to complete some of the preadmission paperwork and investigations with our dedicated Preadmission Clinic team.

Many of the relevant forms can be found in Mater Private Hospital Brisbane Admission Guide which you should have received from your specialist. Please complete these forms and bring them with you to your Preadmission Clinic appointment. If you do not have an Admission Guide, we can supply one for you.

During your preadmission assessment your individual needs will be identified by our highly experienced nursing staff. If it is identified that you will require other services while a patient, we can arrange these for you. Please notify the Preadmission Clinic staff of any other individual requests that you may have.

As part of the preadmission assessment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your health and medication history as well as raise any concerns or questions about your pending admission. Discharge information and advice is also available at the Preadmission Clinic. We encourage you to discuss any concerns that you may have that could affect your discharge as soon as possible, so that we can develop a discharge plan to suit your needs.

Attending the Preadmission Clinic will offer you the opportunity to understand the information and clarify anything that you are uncertain about. If you have any concerns prior to your admission, please feel free to contact the Preadmission Clinic staff.

The Preadmission Clinic is conveniently located on the sixth floor of Mater Private Hospital Brisbane and is open Monday to Friday 8 am–6 pm and can be contacted by telephone 07 3163 3740.

Preadmission Guide

Frequently asked questions

Can I visit the Preadmission Clinic the same day I have an appointment with my specialist?

Yes. You are welcome to visit us the same day as your specialist appointment if you wish. Alternatively we can arrange an appointment at a later date or if you are unable to attend the Preadmission Clinic we can go through your admission requirements over the phone.

What should I bring with me?

Any request forms from your specialist (eg. blood test or X-ray referral), your completed Preadmission Guide if you already have one and a list of your current medications.

Will there be any cost involved?

No. The preadmission service incurs no other additional costs or fees. However the benefit of our service to you is priceless. It gives you the opportunity to meet and discuss your admission with our highly trained, friendly and efficient staff.

Who will I see whilst attending the Preadmission Clinic?

Our clinic is staffed by experienced and highly skilled Registered Nurses and clerical staff. We have access to all the other specialist clinical support staff such as Stomal Therapist, Discharge Coordinator and Physiotherapists. We will arrange referrals as appropriate.

Can I bring a family member with me?

Yes. We encourage you to do so. Your family is very important to us and our Clinic is one way for them to be involved in your stay with us.

I live in a remote area, am I required to make a special trip for this?

No. We can provide an over-the-phone assessment and information with regards to access to local services such as; pathology and X-ray. However every patient needs are different and your doctor may advise you attend our clinic.

Preadmission Clinic services include:

  • health screening
  • admission to discharge planning
  • ECG
  • preoperative needs identification
  • preoperative education
  • arrangement of your specialist's requested tests and procedures.

Access and referral to the following services:

  • urology specialist nurse
  • diabetic specialist nurse
  • stomal therapist
  • discharge coordinator
  • breast care nurse
  • physiotherapists
  • pathology
  • X-ray.

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane Preadmission Clinic offers exceptional, individualised care and is committed to enhancing your hospital experience by providing preoperative education, information and support.

Our aim is to obtain the information needed to ensure safe and optimal care while a guest at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane.

Clinic staff provide excellent service embracing the Mater values of Quality, Care, Commitment, Dignity and Mercy.