Private and shared rooms are available at Mater Private Hospital Redland with ensuites in all rooms. Each bedside has a telephone, Patient Entertainment System, security safe and mini-fridge.

Please indicate your preferred room type on the Personal Details form of your Preadmission Guide. We will make every effort to accommodate your request. If we are unable to offer your preferred room type at the time of your admission, one may become available during your stay with us.

Your doctor, health insurer or the hospital cannot guarantee your preference however we will endeavour to ensure your room preferences are met wherever possible.

Meals and nutrition

Our menu at Mater Private Hospital Redland has been carefully planned by an Accredited Practicing Dietitian to offer you a variety of nutritious meals. If you have been prescribed a therapeutic or specific hospital diet you will receive a specific menu that has been modified to meet your particular dietary requirements.

Should you have a special request or dietary requirement, please do not hesitate to discuss this with your nursing staff or menu monitor who will visit with you daily.

Patient Entertainment System

You can now access a wider range of in-room entertainment options while staying at Mater Private Hospital Redland. We aim to make your stay more comfortable by providing unlimited viewing to movies, music videos, Foxtel, audiobooks, radio and Internet for a small daily charge.

The Patient Entertainment System also provides access to a range of information to help make your stay at the hospital as comfortable and informative as possible. Including a hospital guide detailing services and facilities as well as patient information brochures covering a variety of conditions, treatments and procedures to keep you informed.