Room Service

Mater Private Hospital Springfield is excited to provide an award-winning Room Service for all patient meals. Built on a foundation of clinical excellence Mater Private Hospital Springfield is committed to safe, compassionate care that is quality focused, technologically advanced, and customised to meet the needs and lifestyle of all patients.

The Room Service menu is comprehensive and offers patients delicious meal options that cater to every taste, and are clinically suitable to meet individual dietary requirements.

Click here to view the Mater Private Hospital Springfield Room Service menu.

Setting a national standard

Mater Private Hospitals are the first private hospitals in Australia to offer hotel-like Room Service to patients. Meals are freshly prepared, ordered at your convenience (between 6.30 am and 7 pm) and delivered directly to your room within 45 minutes.

Our innovative room service initiative has been recognised by the Private Hospitals Association of Queensland (PHAQ) for significantly lowering food wastage and improving patient outcomes. PHAQ Executive Director Lucy Fisher said Mater's room service clearly demonstrated Mater is at the forefront of innovative healthcare.

How to place an order

By using your bedside telephone and dialling extension 3663, your meals can be ordered between the hours of 6.30 am and 7 pm and delivered to your room within 45 minutes. Simply make your selection from the comprehensive Room Service menu available in your room.

Alternatively family members or carers may place an order on your behalf by dialling our Room Service Representative on 07 3163 3663 during service hours.

Your clinical needs and dietary requirements will be taken into consideration and meals provided accordingly.

Further information

For your convenience a menu will be available in your room to assist you in choosing your meals. Please speak to the staff caring for you if you would like more information about Room Service.