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Facilities and services

The information below is provided to help Mater patients, their families and carers find helpful details about Mater’s services.


An ATM located on level 2 of the hospital, just past the front reception desk. This machine accepts all cards however a fee may be charged by your bank.


A café is located on level 2 of the hospital near the front reception desk offering a range of beverages and snacks as well as breakfast and lunch meal options.

Chapel and Pastoral Care Services

Mater Private Hospital Springfield has a chapel available for all patients, visitors and staff located on level 2 of the hospital. The chapel has been specifically designed as a sacred space for people to access for their own quiet time and reflection regardless of race, culture, religious differences, gender or status. Through working in close cooperation with healthcare professionals the Pastoral Care Team at Mater recognise the holistic needs of each individual. They primarily care for, and are concerned with, the human spirit and care is offered with sensitivity to the needs, feelings and wishes of others. A Pastoral Carer will seek to visit you during your stay in hospital and specific religious needs of all denominations and faiths are coordinated through the department. Visits may be requested through a member of your care team. A member of the Pastoral Care Team is available at all times.

Healing Garden

Hospital can be extremely stressful for patients and their loved ones, Mater Private Hospital Springfield offers a pleasing, calming and tranquil rooftop healing garden where patients and their families can enjoy a short walk, a chat or simply just a break to enjoy the natural outdoor environment.

Regularly cared for by hospital maintenance staff the healing garden will continue to offer benefits to the Springfield community well into the future.

Electronic devices

Mater Private Hospital Springfield has been designed to embrace technology and seamlessly connect mobile devices. Patients are encouraged to bring along their own handheld devices to ensure their hospital stay experience is truly exceptional.


Mater Private Hospital Springfield believes that family and friends have an important role in your care therefore the hospital provides flexible visiting hours wherever possible. By having no set visiting hours families and friends are able to visit you when it’s mutually convenient. We support open visitation to the patient care rooms however this is dependent on your care needs and physical environment. Please discuss with a member of your care team.