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Mater People help vulnerable patients

Monday, 29 August 2016

Mater People help vulnerable patients
Mater’s Administration Staff have donated clothing and toiletries to ‘Catherine’s Room’ which is located within the hospital for vulnerable patients during admission or upon discharge.
Pastoral Care Worker Mary Sheehan established Catherine’s Room – named for Sisters of Mercy Founder Catherine McAuley – five years ago after identifying a need for patients requiring clothes and basic toiletries during admission, on discharge or for those going into care.
Administrative Coordinator Clinic Services Scott Anderson works closely with Mary to ensure only goods required for that moment in time are supplied.
“I believe people genuinely enjoy giving when the cause is close to their hearts.
“We know everything we supply is going to our most vulnerable Mater patients who have very limited financial means,” Scott said.
“Collecting these goods brings Administration staff together – it improves morale when you know you are making a difference to someone in need,” he said.
Catherine’s Room is a functional space with no door which was created after Mary found a patient needing a pair of shoes.
“I didn’t have anything to give him. I sourced a pair but thought I could probably keep a few bits and pieces on hand to give to people when they had a need,” Mary explains.
“I hadn’t realised something as simple as a pair of shoes or a belt could help restore someone’s dignity and respect.
“I am so grateful to the Mater Foundation who continuously support us financially so I can buy brand new underwear and toiletries.
“We have some incredible staff at Mater like Scott and his staff who give this project the legs to keep going,” Mary said.
Senior Administration Officer Ann Carmody is a constant supporter of Catherine’s Room.
“If people can’t even afford a toothbrush, how can you not give?” Ann asks.
“We’re rich compared to some folks and I just feel it’s the right thing to do,” she said.
Mary explains the impact on patients.
“Most patients are genuinely taken by surprise when we’re able to provide them with clothing and new underwear. They’re humbled and grateful, and to have made a positive difference to someone lifts the spirit of everyone involved—the patient, me and the whole team.”
To support Catherine’s Room please visit to donate online or call (07) 3163 8000.

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