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Mater educators join elite few to deliver world-class simulation training

Friday, 20 February 2015

Mater educators join elite few to deliver world-class simulation training
Two Mater Education employees commenced training this week to be internationally recognised course facilitators, making them two of only three people in the country with this level of training. 
Mater Education’s Melanie Barlow and Pauline Lyon are part of the internationally-renowned Center for Medical Simulation’s (CMS) Advanced Debriefing Course. Once qualified as CMS instructors, they will both be able to deliver the course, which attracts a range of specialised clinicians, from across Australia.  
Mater Education and CMS, based in Boston, USA, formalised an Affiliate Partnership with the signing of an agreement on 14 August last year. 
Since 2013, Mater Education has successfully hosted the CMS’ highly regarded and sought-after Simulation Instructor training course, Simulation as a Teaching Tool, and now the Advanced Debriefing Course which have been led by international CMS instructors. 
While the intensive training to become instructors is likely to take Ms Barlow and Ms Lyon two years to complete, allowing them to facilitate programs in Queensland and possibly overseas, Ms Barlow said she was looking forward to the challenge.
“Our training will involve many hours of simulation training and instructing which will be filmed and reviewed by educators in Boston to ensure our skills meet the rigorous international standards to facilitate the CMS courses,” she said. 
“These courses are unique as it’s fully immersive and intensive training.  It takes clinicians out of their comfort zone in a safe manner.  The concept of ‘debriefing with good judgment’ strongly aligns with Mater’s goals and expectations whereby clinicians have a robust discussion to determine improvements that can be made to patient care and safety.
“Patients receive better health outcomes as a result of clinicians going through a rigorous process of exploring the decisions they make in a hospital setting and considering ways to improve processes and treatment.”
Director of CMS’ Institute for Medical Simulation Jenny Rudolph, who came from the USA to lead the Advanced Debriefing Course at Mater this week, said she was excited to have Ms Barlow and Ms Lyon registered to join an elite group of 20 qualified facilitators of the CMS courses worldwide. 
“Having two highly-qualified and passionate educators from Mater complete this training allows Mater and CMS to build on its partnership and bring this world-class methodology of rigorous inter-professional education to more clinicians in Australia,” Professor Rudolph said. 
“Currently, instructors from the US and other countries come to Mater to facilitate the courses but when both Melanie and Pauline are qualified, they will be able to run them with the benefit of having local knowledge of Queensland and Australia’s healthcare system, providing an even more relevant and immersive experience for clinicians.” 
As Mater Education is a CMS Affiliate, both Ms Barlow and Ms Lyon will have an exclusive level of access to the resources, skills, advice and experience of the team at the CMS and the Harvard Medical School faculty who are international leaders in the field of simulation.  
The Affiliation will assist Mater Education to develop further as an outstanding educational enterprise across Queensland and Australia.
The key objectives of the Affiliation include achieving an international simulation accreditation, collaborating on new curricula and programs, particularly in the area of developing high performing inter-professional teams and using simulation to positively impact upon patient safety outcomes through education, training and organisational systems integration.

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