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Compassionate Mater People recognised with Mercy Week Awards

Monday, 16 October 2017

Compassionate Mater People recognised with Mercy Week Awards

The 2017 Mercy Week Mission Award individual winner is Isaac Wensley, Senior Neurophysiology Scientist with the Mater Centre for Neurosciences Advanced Epilepsy Service, and the team award winner is Homeless to Home Afterhours Healthcare Service.

Isaac was nominated by nine different people who praised his enthusiasm, compassion for his patients and exceptional work ethic.

“Isaac’s work ethic is simply outstanding; he always goes above and beyond. He is compassionate, patient and always treats people with respect and dignity,” the nominator said.

“His eagerness and positivity, that he ultimately imparts upon his patients makes him a perfect role model.

“Isaac lives and breathes Mater Values. His commitment to excellence in his work and quality of his delivery is exceptional every time,” the nominator said.

Isaac was incredibly humbled to have been nominated by multiple people in 2017.

“This is recognition of work I’ve put in during the last one and half years and affirms the place I want to work,” Isaac said.

“Mater is a very unique place to work and I have an amazing support network and role models,” he said.

The Homeless to Home Afterhours Healthcare service which is a Mater and Micah Projects collaboration, was nominated for the team award for providing care and support to those living rough and actively engaging with them regarding their healthcare.

“Affectionately known as Mater’s Night Nurses they visit places where homeless people gather and encourage them to discuss their health issues,” the nominator said.

“They help everyone from families in crisis, women escaping domestic violence or people recently released from prison.

“These highly skilled and trained nursed are trusted, compassionate and respected by the community,” the nominator said.

Homeless to Home Manager Kim Rayner said the team was surprised and thrilled to receive the award.

“It’s such a great boost and acknowledgement of the work we do,” Kim said.

“We work so hard to advocate for our patients and I believe the program aligns perfectly with Mater’s values and philosophy,” she said.

The Mercy Awards are held each year as part of Mater’s Mercy Week to celebrate Mater’s identity and the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy.  Celebrations coincide with Mercy Day (24 September) – the day Catherine McAuley established the House of Mercy in Dublin in 1827 before founding the Sisters of Mercy four years later.

Mater’s Group Director of Mission Leadership Madonna McGahan said Mercy Week was an important acknowledgement of Mater People and their commitment to its Mission and Values – Mercy, Dignity, Care, Commitment and Quality.

“Catherine McAuley – the women who started the Sisters of Mercy story – had an incredible vision to deliver exceptional care to all people and we continue to build on this legacy today at Mater thanks to its dedicated employees and volunteers.

“The Mercy Awards provide an opportunity for Mater People to reflect on the great work that their colleagues do and acknowledge their contribution to delivering exceptional care to patients,” Ms McGahan said.

Ms McGahan said the Mercy Awards were a great example of maintaining Mater’s Mercy heritage and identity.

“Isaac and the Homeless to Home Afterhours Healthcare team show that the Mercy spirit is alive at Mater in 2017,” she said.

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