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Blue Card

Mater is required to comply with the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening Act) 2000 (the Act) which requires certain categories of employees, volunteers and students (who work with children) to have a “Blue Card”.

Employees must show evidence of holding a Working With Children Check Positive Notice (Blue Card) if it is a condition of employment outlined in their employment contract.

Blue Card Services is the regulation agency responsible for all applications*:

To apply for or link an existing Blue Card

  • To apply for a new card or to renew your current card, please click here (please lodge the form directly with Blue Card Services)

  • To link your current Blue Card to Mater, please click here (please send this form to HR for lodgement with Blue Card Services)

To transfer a Volunteer Blue Card

Completing the Blue Card form

Blue Card Services have attached a unique Organisation ID Number and specific contact details to records that are provided by Mater Misericordiae Limited.

These details must always be used when completing forms so that our organisation records can remain centralised.

Please complete forms as follows:

Organisation details

Name of organisation

Mater Misericordiae Limited

Organisation ID number


Postal address for organisation

Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane  Qld  4101

Contact person’s name

Marian Glynn

Contact person’s position

HR Quality and Compliance


07 3163 8511



Organisation / employer declaration

Signature of representative


Name of representative


Position of representative

Manager’s position

If you are waiting for a card to be provided after lodging an application, please scan a copy of the payment receipt to

When you receive your new Blue Card please send a copy to