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Mater Graduate Program

For further information about the recruitment process and requirements, please read the Registered Nurse and Midwifery Graduate Program Recruitment Outline or Frequently Asked Questions.

Graduate programs are available in the following areas:

Mater Rotational Graduate Program

The Mater Rotational Graduate Program is unique in that it allows you to start your career in your area of choice so that you can become the nurse you aspire to be. At Mater Brisbane you have the opportunity to work within a variety of speciality departments.

The program is designed to provide you with a wide spectrum of experiences in adult nursing practice, set in Mater Hospital Brisbane. The available rotations may include:

  • orthopaedics
  • rehabilitation
  • haematology, oncology, palliative care
  • neurosciences
  • general medical
  • general surgical
  • short stay surgical
  • gynaecology, urology, ENT, plastics
  • day procedure unit
  • endoscopy
  • emergency department
  • cardiovascular
  • PACU
  • young adults (Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane)

Please note: All areas may not be available for every intake of graduates.

If you are successful in obtaining a position on a rotational graduate program at Mater, we will provide you with a list of available rotations and you will be asked to select your preferences from this list.

Graduates on the program are supported in their work and training by Mater Education’s, Education Coordinators.  Mater’s education teams, preceptors and nursing staff also offer mentoring and support.

Mater Perioperative Graduate Program

Mater offers a Perioperative Graduate Program that will help you develop the essential knowledge and skills to provide quality care in the perioperative environment. The Perioperative Graduate Program is designed to provide you with a strong foundation to begin building your nursing career as a perioperative nurse. Mater’s Perioperative Services are located across four of Mater’s hospitals, and undertaking the Perioperative Graduate Program will offer you experience in a variety of surgical specialities through planned rotations in perioperative roles through the various perioperative specialty departments.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • surgical
  • anaesthetics
  • Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU).

Mater’s Perioperative Graduate Program will offer you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with different aspects of perioperative nursing and will provide you with opportunities to embark on a lifelong journey and career as a perioperative nurse.

Mater Intensive Care (ICU) Graduate Program

The Intensive Care Graduate Program offers graduates a 12 month specific program within Mater Brisbane's Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The comprehensive ICU facilities include capabilities for short and long term ventilation, haemodynamic monitoring, metabolic monitoring and dialysis.

As a registered nurse you will:

  • deliver high quality care to patients in the Intensive Care Unit
  • ensure high quality of clinical care and patient service
  • act as an advocate for patients and their families

Mater's Oncology Graduate Program

The Oncology Graduate Program consists of a 12 month program that provides the opportunity to work within both the Haematology Oncology Inpatient Unit and Mater Cancer Care Centre (MCCC).

The Haematology Oncology Unit at Mater is a modern and friendly environment that provides patients, their families and visitors with the level of care and kindness that Mater is renowned.  The nursing team works together to ensure patients with malignant and non-malignant haematological disorders and solid tumours are provided with holistic care from diagnosis, through various treatment plans, to discharge.

The MCCC is a world class facility that offers a range of medical oncology, palliative care and haematology services using an ambulatory service delivery model.  This state-of-the-art day oncology unit ensures both privately insured and publicly funded patients receive exceptional patient care in a compassionate and understanding environment.

Mater Neuroscience Graduate Program

The Neuroscience Graduate Program offers the opportunity to join the recently expanded Mater Centre for Neurosciences. From one dedicated location, Mater Centre for Neurosciences is an industry leader providing specialist care for neurosurgery, spinal surgery, neurology, stroke and epilepsy.

The Neurosciences Graduate Program is clinically relevant and has been specifically designed to optimise diverse learning opportunities using best available evidence.  This is an exciting opportunity to work in collaboration with our dedicated team of nurses, doctors and allied health professionals to deliver exceptional clinical care to our patients.

Mater Cardiac Graduate Program

Mater Private Hospital offers graduate nurses the opportunity to specialise in cardiovascular interventional nursing.  This exciting 12 month specialty program has been designed to advance your clinical skills and expertise in the field of cardiac nursing.  Whilst gaining valuable cardiovascular knowledge and experience, you will receive support from the NUM, Education Coordinator and clinical supervisors

Mater Private Hospital Springfield Graduate Nurse Programs

Mater Private Hospital Springfield is a truly innovative, unique and contemporary hospital providing holistic healthcare to the Greater Springfield community.

Located in Springfield Central this stage one development offers an 80 bed, $85 million hospital to offer medical and surgical services for overnight and day patients, including a dedicated day oncology service.
Patient experience is the focus of the newly created facility which includes: a fold-away bed in every room and no set visiting hours for family centred care; integrated room control allowing patients to control temperature, blinds and lighting in each room; dietician approved room service menu and communal healing garden.
A range of medical and surgical services are provided for both Public and Private funded patients and include: general medicine; medical oncology and haematology; radiation oncology; rehabilitation; respiratory; ear, nose and throat; gastroenterology; general surgery; gynaecology; ophthalmology; oral and maxillofacial; orthopaedics; plastics; dermatology and urology.
The following programs are currently available for the July 2017 Intake:
  • Mater Private Hospital Springfield Rotational Graduate Program—applicants will complete two clinical rotations within the inpatient units
  • Mater Private Hospital Springfield Perioperative Graduate Program—applicants will rotate as a circulating and instrument nurse, anaesthetic nurse and post-anaesthetic nurse.

Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Graduate Program 

Mater Mothers' Hospital is offering places in the Neonatal Critical Care program for registered nurses wanting to pursue a career in neonatal nursing. Clinical experience will be centred on the care of babies born prematurely as well as those born at term requiring special and intensive care.

We are seeking high quality candidates who have completed an undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery dual degree within the past 12 months and have less than 6 months’ work experience as a Registered Nurse/Midwife since graduation.

Mater Mothers' Hospital is a premier maternity facility with over 10,000 births annually. The Neonatal Critical Care Unit provides 79 cots and 2,200 admissions each year, making it one of the largest neonatal units in Australia. Also offering a diverse range of private and publically funded maternity and women’s health services, Mater Mothers Hospitals offers beginning nurses and midwives an excellent range of career opportunities.

This one year program includes clinical rotations through Preterm/Medical Intensive Care and the Special Care Nursery within the Neonatal Critical Care Unit. Through this program, with the support of a team of experienced interdisciplinary clinicians and neonatal practice development staff, you will gain experience in a variety of facets of neonatal nursing including prematurity, respiratory, neurological, cardiac and surgical problems. Online modules, assessment items and attendance at both clinical and theoretical workshops will complement the clinical component of the program and will support new graduates with the transition into neonatal nursing. Through completing the Neonatal Critical Care program, participants will be eligible to apply for subject credits for postgraduate university studies.

For further information about the recruitment process and requirements for all available Graduate Programs, please read the Registered Nurse and Midwifery Graduate Program Recruitment Outline or Frequently Asked Questions.