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How do I order my uniform?

Mater uniforms are ordered direct through the Workwear Group. Please click on the links below to access the Workwear catalogue and to obtain instructions on how to place your order.

Please note:

  • Access to the WorkWear online ordering system will only be available 5-7 business days after you have received your contract of employment.
  • Uniforms may only be ordered once you receive your employee number from Mater HR.

Mater Hospital Brisbane (MHB) and Mater Mothers' Hospital (MMH)

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane (MPHB)

Mater Private Hospital Redland (MPHR)

Mater Private Hospital Springfield (MPHS)

Mater Childrens Private Brisbane (MCPB)


What if I don't have my uniform by my start date?

We are aware that not all staff will have received their uniforms by their first day. 

If you don’t have your uniform we ask that you ensure you are dressed in work appropriate attire, ideally wearing navy or black pants/skirt and a white shirt.

As per Mater’s uniform policy you will need to ensure that you comply with the following:

  • Undergarments worn under white or white pin stripe uniforms must be either white or flesh in colour
  • Closed in shoes made of non-porous fabric and with non-slip sole are a requirement for safety. (Sandshoes, joggers, ballet type, sling back, moccasins and other casual footwear of this type are not allowed due to safety concerns.)
  • Should a theatre employee choose to wear closed in scuffs and/or gumboots (versus theatre specific designed clogs that are open at the back), these are to be worn only in theatres.
  • Suitable hosiery/sock to match either navy or black footwear must be worn.
  • Hair accessories should be navy or black.