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Mater Audiology

“Providing a range of tertiary level hearing assessment and rehabilitation services to Mater Health Services and the statewide community.”

Audiologists are trained to assist with concerns relating to a patient's hearing, dizziness/vertigo, and other ear-related conditions. The audiology department provides a range of audiological and vestibular assessment and rehabilitation services to their patients, including several specialist programs, such as:

  • Mater Cochlear Implant Clinic (MCIC) - provides cochlear implants and ongoing rehabilitation for adults with a severe or profound hearing loss.
  • Mater Healthy Hearing Program - offers a free hearing test to all babies born at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals.
  • Deaf Access - an inpatient service for patients experiencing communication difficulties resulting from poor hearing, during their hospital stay, and includes routine hearing aid checks and repairs, loaning Assistive Listening Device (ALD), and organising Assistive Telecommunication Equipment for their bedside (e.g., volume control phone, TTY phone), as appropriate.  
  • Diagnostic Paediatric Service - provides hearing assessment for children of all ages, including Central Auditory Processing Assessment, at cost through the Health & Wellness Clinic.

The audiology team participate in many multidisciplinary teams throughout the hospital and specialise in difficult-to-test clients. We also have a strong commitment to research and training of new audiology students, and other medical and allied health staff.

How to access our services

Who do we see?

  • Adults with hearing and/or tinnitus concerns.  
  • Adults with dizziness, vertigo and/or imbalance. 
  • Adults with severe or profound hearing loss interested in a Cochlear Implant. 
  • Adults who are at risk of ototoxicity from their prescribed treatment plan (e.g., oncology patients).
  • Inpatients who are experiencing communication difficulties due to poor hearing, or hearing aid malfunction. 
  • Through the Health & Wellness Clinic we can also provide paediatric services, and assess:
    • Babies who are at risk of hearing loss or where there is concern about their hearing. Babies can be tested from one day old. 
    • Children with hearing problems, middle ear problems, speech or language delay, and/or learning difficulties. 

Is there a cost?

Depending on your health insurance status. Please contact the department directly to discuss.

Do you need a referral?

Yes, you need to provide a medical referral to our department. This can come from a doctor at Mater, your GP or a private medical specialist.

Is there a waiting list?

There is a waiting list for some services, although we do prioritise patients depending on their clinical need. 


The audiology department is located on level 2 of Mater Hospital Brisbane.


Parking is available, please refer to the campus map.

Contact Us

Telephone 07 3163 8685
Fax 07 3163 1509

Mater Audiology Department
Mater Health Services
Cnr Raymond Tce & Stanley St
South Brisbane Q 4101

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.