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Maternity Services

Physiotherapy provides maternity services to antenatal and postnatal women throughout their “childbearing year”.

Exercise and education classes

Note:  all classes are designed and conducted by highly trained and experienced women’s health physiotherapists.

During pregnancy

  • Pregnancy exercise classes: regular exercise during your pregnancy can help you maintain fitness, flexibility and coordination, help you manage back/pelvic pain, and assist you in achieving your pre-pregnancy fitness levels more quickly post-delivery. Classes available at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals include:
    • exercise in pregnancy (fitball class)
    • aqua therapy
    • physiotherapy pilates
  • Physiotherapy antenatal education class—Your Changing Body—are a part of the parenting education series offered by Mater Mothers’ Hospitals and is available for parents to attend during their pregnancy
  • TENS in labour classes - provides training and supply of equipment for women who choose to use TENS during their labour (please contact us to enquire).

After you have had your baby

  • While still in hospital, you are welcome to attend baby handling classes which are offered Monday-Saturday on the wards
  • At four to six weeks after having your baby, attending a physiotherapy postnatal review class allows you to check in with a physiotherapist and progress your physical recovery program.  This class is available free for all patients and is highly recommended.
  • Postnatal exercise classes include:
    • ‘Back in Shape’ exercise class (exercising with your baby)
    • physiotherapy pilates
    • aqua therapy.

Inpatient care

Inpatient physiotherapy care is provided across all wards at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals and involves the management of various problems in pregnancy, one-on-one assessment and treatment for all women after vaginal and caesarean birth, as well as inpatient education classes including Baby Handling.

Outpatient care

Outpatient physiotherapy maternity care at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals includes education and exercise classes as well as the individual one-on-one management of various musculoskeletal problems in pregnancy and after delivery, such as: back or pelvic girdle paincarpal tunnel syndromeseparation, strain or “bulging” of the abdominal muscles/blader/bowel/urinary/faecal incontinence and pelvic floor weakness.

How to access our services

Women who are registered to have their baby at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals are eligible for these services. Selected services, including classes, are available to the general public—please contact us to enquire.


Physiotherapy services are available for all patients at Mater Mothers’ Hospital. Services, eligibility criteria, and cost to the patient will vary according to particular service, referral and whether you are a registered insured/non-insured patient at Mater Mothers' Hospitals.

Most patients will be eligible for our services within the hospital at no charge however there may be a fee associated with some classes, products and services. Please speak with our staff for any further information regarding access to these services.


Referral requirements within Mater Mothers’ Physiotherapy vary according to the area of women’s health and whether you are a registered patient at the hospital.

Please speak with our staff for any further information regarding access and referral to our services.


Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapy operates within Mater Mothers’ and Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital for all inpatient services and classes. The public outpatient department is located on Level 2 of Mater Hospital Brisbane. These locations can be found on the campus map.

For all outpatient services and locations, please visit Mater Health and Wellness.


Please refer to the campus map for public parking locations.

Contact Us

Telephone 07 3163 6000 and follow the prompts
Facsimile 07 3163 1671

Mater Mothers’ - Continence & Women’s Health Physiotherapy,
Mater Hospital Brisbane, Level 2
Mater Health Services
Cnr Raymond Tce and Stanley Street
South Brisbane Qld 4101

Hours of operation

Allied Health Reception and Outpatient Services: Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4.30pm. Closed on weekends and public holidays.

Inpatient Clinical Services: Mater Hospital Brisbane: Monday to Sunday, 7.30am to 4.00pm. Mater Mothers Hospitals: Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4.00pm, Saturday and Sunday 7.30am to 1.00pm.

Out of hours evening shift (Monday-Friday) and oncall services are provided across Mater Hospital Brisbane and Mater Mothers Hospitals based on clinical need and medical referral.

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