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Recommended products

Therapod Back Support

The therapod back support is an adjustable support designed to meet the individual needs of your size, spine shape and back pathology. At the Back Stability Clinic we can combine our specialised back care knowledge with your individual clinical presentation, including postural assessment, to adjust this support for your specific seating needs.

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Segmental stabilisation training: lumbar spine and pelvis

This large sturdy flip-chart style book is ideal for the thinking patient who wants to more fully understand their condition. For the motivated clinician, it becomes an ideal teaching tool. Its thirty pages are packed full of schematic diagrams, photographs and ultrasound images to broaden your understanding of anatomy, function and how these tie in with the aims in this specialised clinic.

Exercises for core stability using the stabilizer

A large flip-chart style book, this publication is ideal for the guidance and progression of core stability exercises using the stabilizer. It is a perfect self help tool for the motivated patient, as well as an accurate teaching medium for the clinician. Sixteen pages, packed with diagrams and photographs and even a common questions and answers section, give you a solid grounding in the use of this simple adjunct to exercise.

Stabilizer-pressure biofeedback

This simple portable unit enables you to practise your home stability exercises with more precision, using an air filled plastic pressure cushion and a pressure guage.