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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

The Sisters of Mercy and Mater's Board of Directors for many years had a vision to create an onsite child care facility for families of Mater staff to reflect the core values of Mater Health Services. By providing purposely designed environments we create exciting, stimulating and functional centres for young children to grow and learn. The key statements in our philosophy, vision and values are interlinked closely with our everyday practices. We pride ourselves on ensuring the activities, resources and environment we provide for the children are all extensions of our philosophy, as are the interactions and educational opportunities we participate in within our community.

Mater Mission Statement

In the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy, Mater Health Services offers compassionate service to the sick and needy, promotes an holistic approach to healthcare in response to changing community needs and fosters high standards in health related education and research. Following the example of Christ the healer, we commit ourselves to offering these services to all without discrimination.

Mater Childcare Vision

We strive to be leaders in the care and education of young children and will provide a safe, secure and supportive environment rich in learning, diversity and nurturing for children to grow and develop.

To do this our highly qualified and committed staff team believe:

  • children learn through play
  • frequent honest and open communication promotes high quality care
  • education and staff training assists in consistently high quality care
  • each child and family member is valued and respected
  • the provision of a diverse environment supports all within our community.

Education and Care Philosophy

Our programs are directly linked to the following examples of best daily practices.


  • providing all children with a range of activities at all times which encourage choice and exploration.
  • displaying an emergent program in the room that reflects the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines
  • developing indoor/outdoor programs which extend children's sense of being, belonging and becoming.
  • encouraging children to become hands on learners who learn from both their peers and teachers.

Social Learning

  • encouraging children to develop independence in conflict resolution and negotiation with peers and adults
  • providing an environment which encourages children to develop their capabilities and interests at their own pace and according to individual needs
  • exposing all children to the values beliefs and cultures from within our diverse society
  • placing importance on local and national events
  • encouraging friendships between all children and awareness of the need to avoid bias


  • valuing a variety of frequent communication between staff and families both verbal and written
  • promoting high levels of team work between staff
  • establishing and maintaining positive relationships between staff and parents.


  • encouraging children to develop an interest in, and respect for, our natural environment
  • utilising the whole environment to share information and provide experiences
  • ensuring the safety of all individuals within the environment
  • providing a stimulating, visually pleasing environment.


  • keeping families updated and informed so they feel part of Mater Childcare
  • selecting professional staff that have a deep commitment and knowledge of the industry
  • maintaining a high quality borrowing library for staff and parents
  • providing staff with training opportunities to ensure continued high quality care.
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