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Mater Medical Imaging Access

For patients

All patients must have a written referral from a General Practitioner (GP) or Specialist.  A referral form or a letter can be sent directly to Mater Medical Imaging.  All referrals, including referrals on other provider forms, will be accepted.

For General Practitioner (GP) or Specialist

Mater doctors with access to Verdi are able to send an electronic referral. Alternatively Mater Medical Imaging referral pads are available.

Visit Materonline for all the details and how to gain access to online reports and Verdi.

  • All referrals are reviewed and the next available appointment is offered.
  • For registered doctors access to online medical images are available.
  • Mater Medical Imaging offers a 24 hour service for all emergency referrals.

Contact details


Level 4, Mater Hospital Brisbane, Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane Qld 4101


Main reception: 07 3163 8754


Fax for referrals: 07 3163 1517