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Mater/UQ Centre for Integrated Care and Innovation

The centre aims to provide direction and support for Mater Health to fulfil its mission of providing a holistic approach to healthcare in response to changing community needs. This includes building capacity to provide effective healthcare to vulnerable individuals and communities.

The centre has a state and national reputation in providing primary and secondary healthcare integration advice and support focusing on research, evaluation and development. The centre’s core business is to:

1. Develop integrated acute, primary and community healthcare service delivery systems that can

  • Improve access for consumers and healthcare professionals
  • Enhance communication between acute and primary care sectors
  • Improve coordination of care and integrated healthcare service delivery
  • Be consumer focused
  • Be responsive to community need particularly disadvantaged groups
  • Encourage partnerships between consumers, acute, primary and community stakeholders

2. Undertake evaluation consultancy and project management services for projects and programs aimed specifically at integrating health services in the following areas

  • Program evaluation
  • Primary care and community service program development
  • Data management and data analysis
  • Needs analysis and strategic planning
  • Quality improvement
  • Community consultation and participation
  • Organisational development
  • Client satisfaction
  • Service integration and coordination
  • Planning and delivering professional development programs
  • Consultancy and project management
  • Integrated e-health system development

3. Promote and participate in research in primary healthcare, particularly in relation to

  • health service integration
  • the development of innovative models of service delivery
  • the development of nationally-comprehensive and well-co-ordinated systems of healthcare provision
  • the primary care needs of vulnerable and often forgotten communities