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The Australian experiment: how primary health care organizations supported the evolution of a primary health care system.

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Enhancing palliative care in rural Australia: the residential aged care setting.

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Health status and use of health services among recently arrived men with refugee backgrounds: a comparative analysis of urban and regional settlement in South-east Queensland

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Refugee health: a new model for delivering primary health care.

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Fit for the future--a regional governance structure for a new age.

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Seriously working together: integrated governance models to achieve sustainable partnerships between health care organisations.

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The primary care amplification model: taking the best of primary care forward.

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BMC Health Serv Res. 2008 Dec 21;8:268.        


Creating an integrated vision by collocating health organisations: herding cats or a meeting of minds?

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Training the primary care team--a successful interprofessional education initiative.

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Online referral and OPD booking from the GP desktop.

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Electronic patient record: achieving best practice in information transfer between hospital and community providers - an integration success story

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