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Mater Youth Consultancy

Mater is working towards becoming a consumer centred care organisation which enables and values consumers and the community to participate in decisions about designing their own care, service planning, evaluation and measurement of our performance.

It’s important for Mater to have consistency across the organisation so that consumers are able to influence Mater in matters of governance, education, research, health literacy, safety and quality performance and improvements. This allows Mater to deliver accountable, high quality services that meet the health needs of people seeking care and is in accordance with Mater’s Mission and Values

Mater Youth Consultancy

In 2014 a consumer advisory group was formed to establish a bridge between young adult consumers and their healthcare at Mater. Currently this group comprises eighteen members aged between 16 to 26 who have a substantial history and current involvement with Mater services.

With patients best interests in mind, along with real life patient experience, this group worked closely with the Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane leadership team and other key stakeholders to provide views and opinions about how services could be better delivered. This involved collaborating with Mater staff to bring a user perspective when planning the new service. 

The Mater Youth Consultancy has creatively, ethically and critically helped shape the new Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane. They have initiated new ideas about connecting and engaging with young adult patients through more relevant models. They were also instrumental in tailoring the look of the Centre to be more inviting and practical. At all stages in development the Mater Youth Consultancy  consumer advisory group, known as the Mater Youth Consultancy have been actively involved to best deliver a new services with appropriate user abilities.