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Mater Youth Consultancy

Mater is an organisation focused on consumer centred care, which enables and values consumers and the community to participate in decisions about designing their own care, service planning, evaluation and measurement of our performance.

Mater Youth Consultancy was established in October 2014 during the centre’s planning phase. It was important this new service for young people was informed by young people. The group represents a broad range of young people including those with current or past health issues, people from refugee backgrounds and some with an interest in advocacy.

What does the Mater Youth Consultancy do?

With patients best interests in mind, along with real life patient experience, this group works closely and collaboratively with the Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane leadership team and other key stakeholders to provide views and opinions about how future services can be better delivered. The Mater Youth Consultancy has creatively, ethically and critically helped shape the new Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane. They have initiated new ideas about connecting and engaging with young adult patients through more relevant models.

Mater youth consultancy members have been involved in the design of physical spaces, commissioning the new service, orientating staff, planning events, identifying research topics and speaking at conferences and events. The group continues to meet on a regular basis. 

How can I participate?

If you are interested in joining the Youth Consultancy Group, please contact us on 07 3163 8745 or send us an email.