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Queensland Diabetes Centre

Queensland Diabetes Centre (QDC) offers specialist care to all people affected with diabetes and endocrine disorders, including young children, adolescents and adults. We also offer services for the care of women with diabetes in pregnancy through Mater Mothers’ Hospitals.

QDC offers comprehensive care tailored to each age group, with teams of health professionals— endocrinologists, diabetes nurse educators, dietitians, psychologists—devoted to the particular needs of each patient group. A consultant psychiatrist and podiatrist also support the service. Group and individual patient education are part of each patient care program and are adjusted according to the specific needs of individuals.

In addition to supporting patients with diabetes, our endocrine clinics provide support for patients with conditions including osteoporosis, thyroid disease, hypertension and pituitary disorders.

Research and education also form an important part of QDC's contribution to diabetes care. Research projects cover all age ranges and deal with both basic scientific problems and clinical issues. Education is provided for people with diabetes, their families, other carers and health professionals.

All patients referred to Queensland Diabetes Centre must have a referral to a named practitioner who works at the centre from their GP.

Please note, QDC is a tertiary referral centre for people with diabetes. The main objective of QDC is to optimise diabetes management in patients who are experiencing current and/or ongoing difficulties with their diabetes.

Because of the tertiary nature of the service provided we aim to discharge patients with Type 2 diabetes back to their GP whenever possible. It should be noted that it may take several visits to achieve acceptable glycaemic control prior to discharge.

Queensland Diabetes Centre at Mater aims to integrate excellent diabetes care into the Mater Health Services framework of "Exceptional People, Exceptional Care", aligning the Mater core values of Care, Mercy, Dignity, Quality and Commitment.

For further information, please contact Queensland Diabetes Centre on 07 3163 2500.