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Specialist Diabetes Clinics/Services

Patients are referred to the Adult Diabetes Clinic by their referring specialist, have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and present a name and dated referral which includes:

  • Patient demographics
  • Medicare card number
  • Presenting condition
  • Referring doctor's name, provider number and signature.

The Adult Diabetes Clinics are supported by the QDEC multi-disciplinary team.

The Mater Young Adult Diabetes Service provides exceptional specialised diabetes care to young people aged 16 - 25 years. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals provide the highest standard of diabetes clinical care and provides programs for adolescents and young adults to support their emotional, social and educational needs.

Who will see you at the Mater Young Adult Diabetes Clinic?

You will see a diabetes team who work together to help support you to safely manage your diabetes. Our diabetes healthcare team includes Endocrinologists, Credentialed Nurse Diabetes Educators and Dietitians, Pyschologists, Mental Health Nurse, a Podiatrist and and Eye Specialist.

The Endocrinologist/Registrar review your general health and how you are coping with you day-to-day diabetes care. They may offer suggestions on how to acheive your health goals and co-ordinate your diabetes care with your GP and other members of the team.

The Nurse Diabetes Educator provides information and support on the day-to-day management of your diabetes such as self-management techniques, advances in technology, resources and tools to supports you to live well with diabetes.

The Dietitian Diabetes Educator offers practical information to help you identiy and acheive good nutrition. Support and advice about carbohydrate counting and insulin adjustment, healthy weight and eating is available.

The Psychologist and Mental Health Nurse can help you cope with your daily experience of diabetes. They are there to help you explore any personal struggles you may be having with diabetes and help you develop strategies to cope. They can also help you with stress and anxiety management, depression or relationship conflict.

The Eye specialist will take retinal photographs to assess your eye health. Early detection of any changes to the blood supply for your eyes can help pevent long-term eyesight problems.

What happens at the Mater Young Adult Diabetes Clinic?

A clinic start with a height, weight, blood glucose and HbA1c check followed by a download of your insulin pump and meter. Downloading your insulin pump or meter at home can be a significant time saver.

Though we do our very best to run to time, if you do need to wait for your appointment the waiting area is a comfortable space with the option of meeting others your age who also have diabetes whilst sharing a coffee, or playing a game on our interactive screen.

All going well, you can expect your visit will take around two hours.

Be prepared and makre sure you know when your dirver's licence is due to renewal. This can be completed during your scheduled appointment.

The Queensland Department of Transport legally requires that the Endocrinologist sees evidence of your blood glucose checking, so please remember to bring your blood glucose meter to your appointment.

The team will complete the necessay paperwork for you to provide to the Queensland Department of Transport which includes and eye check (so remember to bring your prescription glasses if needed for driving).

The team may suggest you utilise text messaging (SMS) in between clinic appointments to support your diabetes management at home. Ideally, uploading/emailing your BGL's and insulin doses on a Sunday allows us to get back to you with any suggested changes early in the week.

We are always available Monday to Friday, 7.30 am to 4 pm. Please email any enquiries to

At one of your appointments each year a comprehensive health check-up called your Annual Health Review is offered.  At this appointment, the Endocrinologist will review your blood tests for kidney and heart health and assess your feet and eye examinations for any early signs of change.

Detecting early signs of changes in your eyes and nerves is important to stabilise or revers the progress of any deterioration detected.

This once a year check is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your diabetes with the team.

This service supports patient safety and assists patients in managing their diabetes by ensuring blood glucose levels (BGLs) are within the 'target range'.  The is to help reduce or prevent long-term complications of diabetes, reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia (low BGLs) and problems associated with hyperglycaemia (high BGLs).

The Indigenous Health Clinic delivers specialists care in diabetes and endocrinology to individuals of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage.  Care and specialist support is provided by an Endocrinologist and a Diabetes Educator.  The clinic is held at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service Brisbane.

If needed, a planned admission can be arranged to Mater Hospital Brisbane for adults, or to the Young Adult Health Centre inpatient ward which is a newly refurbished youth friendly facility for patients aged up to 25 years.

Where possible, all young adults with type 1 diabetes requiring admission with be admitted to the Mater Young Adult Ward.

24 hour care is available via the Emergency Department at Mater Hospital Brisbane and at the Mater Private Emergency Care Centre.