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Respite care defined

Mater Respite Service is available to primary carers who need time away or require ongoing support, to maintain their caring role. Carers of people diagnosed with dementia are given a priority.

The primary carers are those who provide the informal assistance, in terms of help or supervision on a regular basis, to a person who has a disability or is disabled as a consequence of ageing or illness. A primary carer does not include paid workers or volunteers arranged by formal services. The carer may be the primary carer of more than one person or care recipient.

The care recipient is the person receiving personal assistance from a carer.


The service can cater for those who mobilise independently, utilise walking aids or have wheelchairs. Those requiring assistance must be able to transfer from a chair, bed or toilet with assistance from one person.


The service caters for people who can be managed with continence aids. The centre is also able to manage indwelling catheters, ileo-conduits, colostomies and clients who self-catheterise. Care recipients must supply their own requirements.


People requiring medications will need an order from their GP. All medication needs to be supplied in a Webster Pack. A current pharmacy dispensed bottle will be considered.


We provide transport up to 10 km from our Annerley Road, South Brisbane centre. The first transport vehicle leaves at 8 am and starts the return trip at 2 pm. Variations to the times may occur, depending on numbers. If transport is required outside of these hours contact the Centre Coordinator. If you will not be attending a scheduled service please phone the centre on 07 3163 8692.