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Mater Health Centre Brookwater

Mater Health Centre Brookwater is located within the Woolworths Brookwater Village Shopping Centre. 

The Centre delivers an innovative shopping, medical and community facility for the people of Greater Springfield.

Mater is committed to building a healthy community and Mater Health Centre Brookwater delivers an integrated health service to the residents of Greater Springfield covering a range of specialist and allied health services.

Mater Health Centre Brookwater
Woolworths Brookwater Village Shopping Centre
2 Tournament Drive
Brookwater Qld 4300

The following Mater Health Centre services are owned and operated by Mater Health Services.

Mater Service Contact

Mater Pathology

07 3163 8500

Mater Pharmacy

07 3199 3200

Mater Private Specialist Suites

07 3199 3222

Mater private specialists will consult from Mater Health Centre Brookwater on a regular basis.
Please note: patients will need a referral from a medical practitioner to see one of Mater’s specialists. 

Mater Private Specialist Suites  Group  Service Contact

Dr Sandeep Kumar



07 3281 4111
Dr Eugene Estella Diabetes Endocrine Clinic  Endocrinology 07 3392 2254
Dr Andrew Chang   ENT 07 3345 1232
Dr Nicholas Potter Complete ENT ENT 07 3345 2609

Dr Sylvia Vigh

Mater Hill Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

07 3163 7820 

Dr Carissa Phillips

   General Surgery

07 3010 5780

Dr Ramesh Iyer   General Surgery Breast and Endocrine 07 3154 5979
Dr Sharshank Desai   General Surgery 07 3166 9522
Dr Richard Baer   General Physician and Nephrologist  1300 903 600

Dr Julie Buchanan
Dr Paul Conaghan
Dr Matt Smith

Eve Health  Gynaecology 1300 383 432
Dr Richard Baer   Nephrologist and General Physcian 1300 903 600

Dr Damian Amato
Dr Jason Papacostas

Brisbane Clinical Neuroscience Centre


07 3163 3600
Dr Edward Hsu Queensland Maxillofacial Group Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 07 3244 2444

Dr Alistair Reid

Brisbane OMS Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

07 3844 4400

Dr David Melsom   Hand and Upper Limb Surgery 07 3870 0116
Dr Mark Shillington   Orthopaedic Surgery 07 3819 0044

Dr Scott Ingram

Form and Function Clinic  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  07 3010 3300
Dr Geoff Eather Qld Sleep  Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Specialist
07 3846 7955

Dr Stuart Philip

Urology South Brisbane


07 3255 0311

Dr Zeb McNamara Wickham Terrace Surgical Centre Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 07 3839 4717
Dr Daniel Bopf   Orthopaedic Surgery 07 3199 3222
Dr Nicholas Boyne   Vascular 07 3720 8848

Additional private specialists will be announced over the coming months.


The following Mater Health Centre services are privately owned and operated, independent of Mater Health Services.

Business Name Service Contact

Queensland X-Ray


07 3817 4000

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

07 3199 3211

my FootDr


07 3432 8500


07 3199 3260 

Greater Springfield Orthodontics


07 3613 7333

EKCO Hand Therapy
Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation 07 3812 5199

Brookwater General Practice

General Practice

07 3199 3299

Patients travelling to hospital

By car

For patients travelling from Mater Health Centre Brookwater to Mater Private Hospital Brisbane and Mater Private Hospital Springfield we have prepared travel guides on how best to get there by car.

Please contact the Queensland Government’s Traffic and Travel Information Line on 131 940 or visit for more information about traffic conditions, prior to travel.

Brookwater Health Centre

Mater Health Services has recently welcomed a major funding boost for radiation oncology services in Springfield and is looking forward to working in partnership with Radiation Oncology Queensland and Springfield to deliver the service.

Mater anticipates the completion of the radiology oncology service in 2015 and is delighted to be able to support this community.


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