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Mater Health Centre Redland

Mater Health Centre Redland is located opposite Mater Private Hospital Redland and provides the local community with added choice and convenience for their healthcare needs.

The services provided by the practitioners within Mater Health Centre Redland complement the hospital services provided just across the road. Bayside locals now have better access to specialised healthcare services within their own community.

Mater Health Centre Redland
16 Weippin Street
Cleveland Qld 4163

Telephone Mater Private Hospital Redland Switch: 07 3163 7444

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The following Mater Health Centre services are owned and operated by Mater Health Services.

Mater Service Contact

Mater Pathology

07 3163 7350

Mater Pharmacy

07 3163 7411

The following Mater Health Centre services are privately owned and operated, independent of Mater Health Services.

Business Name Service
Bayside Obstetrics and Gynaecology Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Bayside Othopaedic Centre

Orthopaedic Surgery (knee and shoulder)

Bayside Urology


Hands on Therapy


Queensland Cardiovascular Group


Queensland X-Ray


Redlands Clinic

General Practice

Total Physiotherapy Services


The following Mater private specialists consult from Mater Health Centre Redland on a regular basis. Please speak to your General Practitioner about a referral to see one of our exceptional specialists.

Specialist   Group Service
Dr Cleonie Jayasuriya Queensland Cardiovascular Group Cardiology
Dr Bruno Jesuthasan Queensland Cardiovascular Group Cardiology
Dr Sandeep Kumar   Dermatology
Dr Leisa Barrett   Gastroenterology
Dr Tariq Masood  
Dr Mark Daoud   General Surgery
Dr Michael Hatzifotis  
Dr Clive O'Connor  
Dr Tom O'Rourke  
Dr Mahi Ranasinghe  
Dr Nicholas John   Geriatric Medicine
Dr Gynis Jones   Gynaecology
Dr Andrew Nicol   Haematology (clinical)
Dr Matthew Hourigan   Haematology (clinical) and Haemato-oncology
Dr Robyn Heyworth   Internal Medicine
Dr Sagarika Attudawage  
Dr Vikram Jain   Medical Oncology - adult
Dr Robert Campbell Brisbane Clinical Neuroscience Centre Neurosurgery
Dr Ben Erzetic   Oral and Maxillofacial
Dr Mark Tuffley  
Dr John Albietz   Orthopaedic Surgery (spinal)
Dr Ivan Astori   Orthopaedic Surgery (lower limb and paediatrics)
Dr Stephen Coleman   Orthopaedic Surgery (hand and wrist)
Dr Cameron Cooke   Orthopaedic Surgery (hip and knee)
Dr Peter Hewitt  
Dr Ross Kennedy   Orthopaedic Surgery (hip and knee replacement)
Dr Mark Robinson   Orthopaedic Surgery (hand and upper limb)
Dr John Scott   Orthopaedic Surgery (shoulder and knee)
A/Prof John Walsh   Orthopaedic Surgery (adult foot and ankle; paediatrics)
Dr Sanjay Joshi Bayside Orthopaedic Centre Orthopaedic Surgery (knee and shoulder)
Dr John Radovanovic   Orthopaedic Surgery (lower limb)
Dr Kelvin Choo   Paediatric Surgery
Dr Raymond Goh Form and Function Clinic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr Scott Ingram
Dr Jan-Paul Rotinen-Diaz   Rehabilitation
Dr Geoff Eather   Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Dr John Preston   Urology
Dr Andrew Hadley Bayside Urology
Dr Peter Duffy   Vascular Sugery