A new era in healthcare for Mater Hill

Towards 2030

Mater is on a Mission to revolutionise the way our community experiences good health and wellbeing at Mater Hill, South Brisbane Campus.

Healthcare across the world is changing. So too, Mater continues to evolve. The Mater Hill Master Plan is Mater's response to the changing role of hospitals and health services into the future. Our vision is to transform Mater Hill into a contemporary, integrated health and wellbeing precinct, and vibrant multi-use community.  

The Mater Hill Master Plan offers a holistic, planned approach of the site, considering the best use of Mater's landholdings, and presents a range of proposed sustainable development opportunities in the areas of health and healthcare, residential care and education. 

This preliminary plan signals our intention for development. However, Mater may not undertake all of the initiatives proposed. Our plans will continue to be shaped by the healthcare needs of our community and all plans are subject to approval.

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Building future focused facilities for Queensland by:

  • Continuing to drive excellence in integrated health, education, research and wellbeing, and offer a world-class environment of multidisciplinary collaboration 
  • Creating a diverse, vibrant and connected community precinct that invites people to Mater Hill as a destination for health, wellbeing and recreation - with green spaces, mixed-use amenities and connections to community and transport networks
  • Celebrating and protecting our cultural and historical heritage
  • Streamlining clinical and campus experiences for patients and visitors
  • Optimising infrastructure use and investing in new purpose-built infrastructure with contemporary, smart and sustainable practices. 

The plan has been developed in collaboration with Urbis and Conrad Gargett.  

A vibrant health and wellbeing community 

Mater Hill at South Brisbane has been Mater’s central point of care for Queenslanders for more than a century. Today it is home to hospitals, specialist medical clinics and ancillary services, a nationally accredited education and training facility and a world-class medical research institute.

Building on Mater's existing world-leading capabilities, the Mater Hill Master Plan is a conceptual framework for the proposed long-term, staged development of Mater’s South Brisbane campus. 

*The conceptual map (left) outlines possible options for development and may not be representative of final development plans. 

Bringing together health, education and research for a healthier community

Have your say and find out more about the proposed Mater Hill Master Plan and Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID)

Mater's approach to future healthcare will remain deeply connected to Mater's proud heritage and Mission and support Mater's growing statewide network. 

We will continue to collaborate with stakeholders and partners to conduct further detailed planning that will help guide our final development plans for the site and are hosting a range of opportunities to engage with our community about the conceptual Master Plan and the MID application pathway. These opportunities have been created so you can view the concept Master Plan, talk to members of our team and provide your feedback.



Preliminary stakeholder engagement - is now closed

We want to announce the preliminary stakeholder engagement phase concluded on Monday 13 September 2021.

The feedback received has been carefully considered by the project team and will be used to inform the development of the Master Plan and the technical assessments that will accompany the Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID).

The endorsement request will include a summary of the proposal and the outcome of the preliminary stakeholder engagement.

The MID process will include a public consultation phase. This is planned for July / August 2022. In the interim, we encourage stakeholder feedback to masterplan@mater.org.au for consideration.

Public consultation - planned for July / August 2022 

Following the preliminary stakeholder engagement phase, Mater and the consultant team are currently preparing reports for the lodgement of the MID application. Mater expects to lodge this application in or around late July 2022.  

Once this application is lodged, the public consultation phase will commence. We anticipate that this will begin in late July / early August 2022.

However, it is important to note that timelines and resources continue to be impacted by Mater’s community response to the global pandemic and other external factors, as was experienced with the recent flooding event across South East Queensland.

COVID-19 safe practices will be applied to all engagement activities in line with the Queensland Government guidelines in place at the time the activity is delivered. Given this ongoing uncertainty, the engagement process will be flexible and able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions readily.

Community newsletter

Throughout the Master Plan process, one of the ways in which Mater will be providing updates to the community will be via newsletters.

View our recent newsletters below:

Submit online feedback

We encourage stakeholder feedback to masterplan@mater.org.au for consideration or by submitting feedback using the feedback form below. 

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