Mater Health Governance

Reporting to the Mater Group Board, Mater Health Executive is the peak governing committee charged with enacting the Mater Health Strategic Plan.  Through the work of the Clinical Safety and Excellence Committee, which reports to the Mater Group Board and Mater Health Executive, there is rigorous review of Mater’s clinical performance ensuring Mater provides exceptionally safe and effective care for all our patients.

Mater Clinical Safety and Excellence Committee

The primary objectives of the Mater Clinical Safety and Excellence Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in the discharge of their duties with respect to overseeing and appraising the following:

  1. Clinical risk for Mater Health—providing the Board and the Risk Management and Audit Committee with expert advice in relation to any areas of concern and ongoing mitigation;
  2. The Mater Health Clinical Governance Framework and its effectiveness;
  3. Holding the Mater Health Leadership to account for performance against the Clinical Governance Framework;
  4. Offering objective advice, feedback and endorsement of new proposals/concepts and clinical business cases. 

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