Mater welcomes visitors to our hospitals to visit loved ones, knowing that they are there to provide support and care. 

However, Mater recommends patients limit the number of visitors they receive, to ensure they receive adequate rest.

Patients have a rest period every day and visitors are not permitted to visit the wards during this time with the exception of partners or nominated support people.

General information for your visit

Visitors are encouraged to telephone the patient to schedule a time for a visit. Patients participate in a rest period every day, and visitors are not permitted to visit the wards during this time. All telephone calls are diverted to staff during this time.

Here is a guide for all visitors to abide by when they visit a patient at Mater:

  • Please phone ahead to ensure it’s a convenient time to visit
  •  Do not visit the patients if you are unwell—experiencing symptoms or have been diagnosed with a sickness
  • Use the sanitising gel at the dispensers located at each hospital before and entering the patient’s room
  • Do not visit during rest periods
  • Ensure children are supervised at all times
  • Keep noise down to a minimum
  • Be respectful of the privacy of other patients

Visiting hours

For visiting details find our more here:

Keep in touch with loved ones while they are in hospital

Wish someone well