Welcome to Mater

A Catholic not-for-profit ministry of Mercy Partners, Mater is guided by the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy who first established Mater in 1906 when they built the first Mater Private Hospital. This was the start of a tradition of care and compassion for the sick and needy that continues to inspire us today.

Through our extensive network of hospitals, health centres and related businesses, a nationally accredited education provider and a world-class research institute, we're working together to meet the needs of the community and improve your health and wellbeing.

In delivering the healing ministry of Jesus we not only respond to, but actively seek to support individuals and families disadvantaged by health or social circumstances. We are able to meet these needs by reinvesting any revenue from the business back into the provision of health care services.

Like our founders, we are dedicated to providing our services through a sincere commitment to our Mission and Values.


By way of introduction

Mater incorporates Mater Health, Mater Education, Mater Research and Mater Foundation under a single, unified banner.  By integrating our ministries across health, education and research, it has enabled us to combine our services and skills to deliver innovative solutions and take new opportunities as we adapt to the changing needs of our community. Today, we continue on our path to a stronger future as we work to align all of Mater's ministries across Queensland.

Mercy Partners

While we’ll always value and celebrate our historical ties and strong links with our original founders, the Sisters of Mercy, the canonical responsibility of Mater Misericordiae Limited in South East Queensland (which includes Mater Foundation and Mater Research) was officially transferred to Mercy Partners on 23 April 2013. Mercy Partners also holds canonical responsibility for Mater’s ministries in Central and North Queensland.