About the Master Plan

The Mater South Brisbane has been Mater’s central point of care for Queenslanders for more than a century. Today it is home to hospitals, specialist medical clinics and ancillary services, a nationally accredited education and training facility and a world-class medical research institute.

Mater aims to continue to deliver clinical excellence and lead the way in integrated health, education and research services –  to deliver new services, in new ways, with a focus on innovative care that will help people live healthier lives and extend our compassionate care beyond the boundaries of the precinct.

The Mater Hill Master Plan will guide the proposed staged development of Mater’s 17 ha South Brisbane site, transforming the campus into a vibrant, multi-use health and wellbeing precinct with access to leading health, education, research and intervention services.

The Master Plan is holistic planned approach to ensure Mater remains at the forefront of innovative community healthcare and continues to provide significant value to the Brisbane community into the future. 

The Master Plan proposes to include:

  • a first-class clinical services facility with dedicated private and public health services reflective of emerging trends in medical, surgical, research as well as specialist and interventional suites
  • a first of its kind Family Wellness Service for intensive specialist and intervention services to support family and baby before and after the birth;
  • new emergency department with new singular entrance within the new clinical services building
  • state-of-the-art, environmentally sustainable energy centre and
  • open green recreational places for wellness and rehabilitation.

The proposed concept also features future options for a modern fa├žade and entrance for the existing Stanley Street hospital, new arrival courtyards and pedestrian links; and a potential underground, connected walkway – creating easier front door and public transport access for patients and visitors.

Further plans include reinvigorating our heritage listed buildings to protect and highlight the precinct’s connection to place and history, while green spaces and a network of food, retail and other lifestyle support services aim to complete the design.

The master plan will build on over a century of care and expertise at Mater Hill and our future approach remains deeply connected to our proud heritage and Mission.