Proposed initiatives

Mater's 10-15 year master plan proposes the following initiatives:

New Clinical Services facility

Mater proposes to develop a new clinical services facility at the top of the rise along Raymond Terrace.  The new building will house a range of service options as well as the emergency department, medical and intervention suites. The building will be a dynamic contemporary design that signifies Mater’s leadership in research and healthcare, while showcasing the history of Mater Hill. 

The clinical services building will be guided by a Clinical Services Plan which is currently underway. It is anticipated that the new building will support the delivery of contemporary models of person-centred care, integrated clinical services and dedicated private and public healthcare services.

To make way for the construction of the new building, the Duncombe Building (old Mater Mothers) will be decommissioned and demolished during 2021.  The new Clinical Services Facility aims to be completed by 2025-26.

Mater Family Wellbeing Service

Redevelopment of old convent and annexe

The Mater Family Wellbeing Service will provide the largest centre for mothers, families and their babies in Australia to further support perinatal and post-natal women and their families. The new services will provide intensive specialist intervention services that promote wellness and family health in the period immediately before and after birth.

The Mater Family Wellbeing Service centre aims to commence in early 2021 with the redevelopment of the old convent. Completion is proposed by late 2022.

New Emergency Department

Entrance off Raymond Street

A new emergency department and drop off will be integrated within the new clinical services building. Discreate emergency vehicle access away from pedestrians will enable more effective access for vehicles and people safety

The new emergency department and entrance off Raymond Street aims to be completed by 2025-26 as part of the Clinical Services Facility development.

New facade and welcoming front door

Stanley Street face of existing hospital

A contemporary design fa├žade will feature on existing Stanley Street Hospital with key entry gateways, pedestrian atrium and front door access


Further best-use development proposals will be developed for this prime front hospital and health care facility


Refurbishment of the existing building will align with the development of the Clinical Services Building.  Further plans will be developed for future best-use.                                                       

Wellbeing community facilities and green spaces

Throughout the precinct

Outdoor spaces that engage senses and provide educational experiences will dot the campus landscape. Green spaces will provide places of refuge and promote outdoor relaxation for patients, families, staff as well as all other users of the precinct.

Some facilities and green spaces will be developed in line with finalising the Clinical Services Facility. Further plans will be developed for future site rejuvenation.

New central energy facility

Mater will adopt environmentally sustainable practices for energy and water efficiency and ensure technologies feature across all new building designs and infrastructure.

Contemporary sustainable practices will be introduced at each stage of development. Mater will continue to seek opportunities to introduce contemporary practices across the precinct.