Angi Bissell – Group Chief Operating Officer

Level 10, 14 Stratton Street, Newstead

Angi Bissell

Group Chief Operating Officer

Angi is an Allied Health professional with over 25 years' experience in leading and managing complex teams and organisations. Her passion for human services started at an early age however a slight glitch in her path meant she started her studies and career in semiconductor engineering with Motorola, realising quickly that she was far more passionate about people than circuit boards, although she still loves new tech!

She went on to complete her Bachelors and Masters' degree in Scotland (1999) before relocating to Australia in 2008 with her Husband, Iain and 2 Sons, Adam and Kyle. With a background in Social Work and Psychotherapy Angi has been able to engage with people across a range of care settings, initially in custodial environments, hospitals, community and social welfare organisations, at all times moving to new opportunities to follow her dream of having a role in untapping human potential. She continued her studies in Scotland, focusing on business and leadership at Edinburgh University. Her lifelong love of people and learning has led to adjunct appointments with a range of academic and clinical schools. Most recently partnering with both UQ and QUT, Business School where she was able to share her insights and experiences of managing and leading performance improvement initiatives and leading businesses with cohorts of EMBA and MBA students.

Angi is passionate about building capability at all levels and can be relied upon to have honest and impactful conversations to unlock potential. She supports organisational strategy through the lens of its people, focusing on building strong resilient teams (and emerging leaders) who can manage uncertainty in their business. She understands the need to round out clinical expertise with commercial, business and technical acumen.

Angi is excited to be joining the Mater after almost 9 years at PwC, where she leads the Health & Wellbeing Practice in QLD, she is also the National Strategic Workforce Planning Lead for the National Healthcare Teams. She has worked with executive leadership teams in corporate, public and private organisations and has a deep passion for the 'not for profit, for purpose' sector and cant wait to be part of the team instead of an invited guest for the duration of a consulting engagement.