Ieuan Hyde—Executive Director, Strategy and Innovation

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Ieuan Hyde

Executive Director—Strategy and Innovation

An accomplished executive with nearly two decades of management and leadership experience at Mater, Ieuan took on the lead for Strategy and Innovation in February 2021.

In this role, Ieuan is responsible for operationalising and evolving a strategic framework for Mater, while identifying and implementing a range of growth initiatives that will add further value for our patients and our community.

His understanding and knowledge of today’s healthcare landscape, as well as his proven leadership and ability to transform multifaceted strategies into meaningful results provide an ideal foundation to evolve our strategic approach, ultimately fortifying our Mission to meet the healthcare needs of our community.

Ieuan believes Mater has the capacity to transition from a destination-based healthcare provider to a community-facing health partner and that the emancipation of health information will play a crucial role in engaging consumers throughout that transition. His vision for Mater is that the organisation plays a prominent role in consumer health advocacy and leads the charge for improved services by consistently challenging the market leader.

Throughout his career at Mater, Ieuan’s leadership has translated into improved organisational operations as he worked with the Executive Team to develop a shared vision for success, implement complex initiatives, and grow organisational talent.

Prior to his appointment at Mater, Ieuan held private and public sector appointments across a diverse range of projects and clients in road safety, finance, property, health and retail.