Jane Schmitt – Group Chief, Corporate Affairs and Growth

Level 10, 14 Stratton Street, Newstead

Jane Schmitt

Group Chief, Corporate Affairs and Growth

Jane Schmitt joined the Mater Executive in September 2020 in a newly formed state-wide role as Group Chief, Corporate Affairs and Growth.

In her role, Jane leads the Corporate Affairs and Growth portfolio. She takes the executive operational lead on emerging major projects, Mater’s engagement with significant strategic partners and government relations, and all marketing and communications strategies.

Jane’s extensive skills and experience help Mater forge close partnerships with government and commercial stakeholders, as well as other Catholic, not-for-profit and like-minded organisations. She works closely with the rest of Mater Executive to deliver key strategic projects in line with our Vision and Mission.

As Group Chief, Corporate Affairs and Growth Jane is also responsible for leading the Mater Marketing and Communications team to ‘protect and enhance the Mater brand’, to advocate for the consumer and to align this work with the strategic direction of Mater.

Jane joined Mater from the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Queensland, where she held the role of Chief Executive Officer for more than 11 years. As CEO of AMA Queensland, Jane excelled in the delivery of significant advocacy and education campaigns, system improvement, commercial partnerships and governance.

She brings significant experience from various sectors in addition to a professional background as a lawyer and business strategist. Her intellect, strong relationship skills, professionalism and commitment to excellence are highly regarded.

As Mater continues to integrate health, education and research, Jane and her team will maintain focus on ensuring Mater continues to represent the heritage and Mission and Values of the organisation, while pushing forward to meet changing community needs.