Professor Maher Gandhi – Executive Director, Mater Research

Professor Maher Gandhi

Executive Director, Mater Research

Professor Maher Gandhi is the Executive Director, Mater Research and Chief Research Officer across Queensland and a pre-eminent senior staff haematologist.

As the Chief Research Officer, Professor Maher’s role is to set strategy and create a clinical research program that influences future national and international health policy and practice through the full integration of Mater Research with clinical care. Whilst centred on Mater Research, the role also has close involvement with Mater Health, Mater Education and Mater Foundation.

Professor Gandhi joins Mater from the Diamantina Institute, The University of Queensland and as a Pre-Eminent Senior Staff Haematologist and Head of Academic Haematology at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. A Specialist Haematologist for 16 years, Maher’s medical speciality training was completed in the UK in Cambridge and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and in Toronto Canada. He completed a PhD in Viral Immunology in Cambridge, came to Brisbane on a Fellowship in 2003, and has stayed in Brisbane supported by uninterrupted NHMRC funding since 2005.

His past appointments include Chair of the Australasian Leukaemia Lymphoma Group Scientific Sub-Committee and Chair of the Metro South HREC. Professor Gandhi’s research interests relate to the tumour microenvironment in lymphoma. He is passionate about promoting translational research and personalised medicine, implementing interdisciplinary research, innovative clinical trials, and forging stronger links between Scientists and Clinicians.