Mater welcomes its tiniest patients with the opening of the Mater Mothers' Hospital, and Mater’s clinical pursuits expand.
Funding is generated for the Mater Mothers' Hospital, including the launch of the first Mater Home Art Union; and Mater's clinical pursuits expand.
The first babies are born at Mater Mothers' Hospital, and Mater Mothers' welcomes its first intake of midwifery students.
Fire breaks out at Mater Children's Hospital.
The Neonatal Special Care Unit is opened, providing care for Queensland's smallest babies; and plans begin for a new Mater Adult Hospital.
Mother Teresa visits Mater, and a new Mater Adult Hospital opens.
Mater Children's Hospital expands to meet growing demands.
Plans are announced for a new Mater Private Hospital, the Mater Private Priority Emergency Centre opens and Mater continues to go above and beyond.
Sr Angela Mary RSM is recognised for her contributions to Queensland healthcare, and Mater Foundation launches under her stewardship.
Mater extends its provision of patient care—establishing the Mater Volunteers Service, expanding Mater Mothers', and opening the Queensland Diabetes Centre at Mater.
The Mater Medical Research Institute opens, and Mater expands beyond 'Mater Hill'.

Mater would like to acknowledge Helen Gregory, author of Expressions of Mercy. Mater has used information, as appropriate, from this publication to support the creation of this content.