Mater celebrates a century of exceptional care, and continues expansion beyond Mater Hill with the opening of several Mater Health Centres.

On 4 January 2006, Mater celebrated 100 years of exceptional care with a special ceremony to mark the opening of the first Mater hospital in Brisbane. More than 200 people gathered to mark the occasion and pay homage to an organisation known for its commitment to the people of Queensland. The ceremony also launched a year of festivities to celebrate the centenary.     

Four years later, Mater celebrated ‘100 years on Mater Hill’, acknowledging a century of exceptional care provided from the now extensive South Brisbane campus. Mater also marked 50 years of providing maternity services to the community through Mater Mothers’ Hospitals.

The following year, on 2 February 2011, Mater Adult Hospital commemorated 100 years of providing healthcare services to the public. The first public hospital, now known as the Whitty Building, was opened in 1911 to address the healthcare needs of Brisbane’s growing community to the south of the Brisbane River.

Expanding beyond Mater Hill

Following the establishment of Mater Private Hospital Redland in 2000, Mater has continued to expand healthcare services beyond the always busy Mater Hill.

In 2010, Mater commenced a strategy to provide non-hospital health services for developing communities through Mater Health Centres. Three health centres were opened across the greater South-East Queensland region: Mater Health Centre Brookwater, Mater Health Centre Hope Island and Mater Health Centre Redland.

In 2013, Mater also announced plans to construct Mater Private Hospital Springfield, extending hospital services to the Greater Springfield area. Stage one of the hospital when complete in 2015, will provide a range of medical and surgical services.

Mater would like to acknowledge Helen Gregory, author of Expressions of Mercy. Mater has used information, as appropriate, from this publication to support the creation of this content.