Easter Reflection 2019

16/Apr/2019     Mission

Easter is a time for reflection and highlights the beliefs and certainties that bring us peace.

Our journeys, entwined with God’s love, are a mix of joy, ordinary life, suffering and death. 

We spend time in all parts of life’s journey and most of us don’t mind being in the joyful part.

Easter reminds us that God transcends all parts of our lives and gives us meaning, hope and completion.

In some way, at some time our suffering comes to an end and God transforms it into something new.

The guarantee of all this is the resurrection—for this we are grateful.

Wishing you a happy Easter.

Easter services at Mater’s South Brisbane campus

Holy Week Mass services, Chapel, level 2, Mater Hospital Brisbane
Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 April, 12.30 pm

Stations of the Cross, Chapel, level 3, Salmon Building
Good Friday, 19 April, 10 am

Weekend services, Chapel, level 2, Mater Hospital Brisbane
Holy Saturday, 20 April, 6 pm
Easter Sunday, 21 April, 8 am

All are welcome to attend.


Public relations contacts

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