One year after his injury Lorry is tying his shoes

27/Aug/2020     Health

Last year Lorry suffered an horrific workplace accident which completely severed his hand below the wrist, he underwent a marathon surgery to successfully reattach his hand and was miraculously able to move his fingers the very next day.

Mater Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeons Dr Theo Birch and Dr Andrew Hadj expertly reattached the hand in a seven hour meticulous micro surgery at the Mater Private Hospital Brisbane.

A year later Lorry continues to amaze his doctors with his rehabilitation and progress as he is now able to tie shoe laces, thread nuts onto fishing line and use tiny pieces of equipment such as paper clips with perfect precision.

“Following the surgery, I was fitted with a splint and given hourly rehabilitation exercises to do. As the hand has begun to heal I have been able to ease off wearing the splint and reduce the amount I need to do my exercises,” Lorry said.

“I started off seeing Emma my OT every single day, we are now down to twice a week, but she is still challenging me with different exercises and tasks to keep it interesting and she is constantly pushing me to do more.”

Occupational Therapist and Practitioner in Hand Therapy Emma Allardyce said it is only thanks to Lorry’s hard work and determination that he has been able to make such amazing progress with his recovery.

“He keeps up with his exercises at home and he is constantly pushing himself to do more, go further and get it right. I made tiny shoes for him today to practice tying up shoelaces and he found it so easy,” Emma said.

“You would never even know the hand was missing at one point thanks to the incredible skill of his doctors the scarring is barely visible.”

Lorry still checks in to see his surgeon Dr Theo Birch once a month who said Lorry has made remarkable progress in such a short amount of time considering the extent of his injuries.

“I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome for Lorry. The look and function of his hand is basically normal. He has even had really encouraging early return of his sensation,” Theo said.

“Lorry has been a star patient and won’t accept anything less than the perfect outcome. He is a treating surgeon and hand therapists dream.”

Lorry still has a long way to go with his rehabilitation but is now back working full time and determined to gain even more mobility in his hands through continued therapy.

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