Congratulations to the Women in Technology Award Finalists

17/Aug/2021     Research

We continue National Science Week by celebrating more extraordinary women who are pushing the boundaries in science, research and medicine.

The annual Women in Technology Awards recognise outstanding talent and achievement giving women the recognition they deserve, building support for their work, and inspiring the next generation of leaders by showing what is possible.  

Congratulations to the four Mater Researchers who have been named finalists in the 2021 Women in Technology Awards.

Medical student and PhD candidate Chloe Yap has been named a finalist for the Emerging Achiever Science Award, recognising her work in creating biological tests and treatments for psychiatric conditions with a focus on autism.  

Leader of the Developmental Molecular Genetics group Dr Sandy Richardson has been named a finalist in the Rising Star Science Award for her work in unexplored genetic cause of pregnancy loss and infertility and the activity of jumping genes. 

Clinician and researcher Dr Julie Cichero has been named a finalist in the Advancing Science Professional Award for her work leading an international initiative that uses a common standardised terminology for foods and drinks to reduce the risk of choking in people with health conditions and disabilities.

Leader of the Chronic Disease Biology and Care Program Professor Josephine Forbes has been named a finalist in the Outstanding Achiever Science Award for her ongoing work in diabetes research in particular preventing kidney disease in diabetes.

You can read more about these amazing women here,

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