Walking the halls of Mater Hospital Brisbane, chances are you've met Daniel and Joanna Schilk.

The husband-and-wife duo are part of the ward services teams at Mater Hospital Brisbane's Emergency Department and Mater Private Hospital Brisbane's theatres.

Now, their daughter Yasmin has jumped onboard, starting a role in the private hospital this week.

This International Medical Transporters Day (August 20), Mater highlights the crucial role that wards services staff like the Schilks play in the functioning of our hospitals.

Joanna, who used to run her own cleaning business, says she enjoys the fast-paced element of the job.

"Sometimes I can do up to 18,000 steps a day on a busy shift," she says.

"We transport patients to and from the wards, help nurses restock items, and go backwards and forwards with equipment.

"I love it so much that I told Daniel about it, and he was successful in getting a job in the Emergency Department."

Daniel, who started as an orderly at Mater in the thick of COVID-19 last year, says it's not unusual for him to cover 10 km a day on foot.

"We look after five areas in emergency, and we do lots of things like patient handling, picking up bloods, and taking patients to their scans," he says.

"I owned a tiling business before this job, and I needed a complete change. I love this industry and being able to help people and make them laugh."

Yasmin was inspired to follow in her parents' footsteps, landing a causal job as a steward at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, where she started this week.

"I am an active girl and I like being busy, and on my feet," she says.

"I can't slack off with mum and dad around, though!" 

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