Meet the Mater People Award Winners - Amanda Merchant

18/Dec/2020     Mater Group

Congratulations to Mater Clinical Nurse Consultant from the Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit, Amanda Merchant who won in the Consumer Experience Award category of the Mater People Awards.   

The award sought to recognise an individual for consistently delivering an exceptional service and demonstrating their commitment to consumers of any kind with the goal of improving the consumer experience in line with Mater’s Values.

Amanda brings compassion and mercy to the consumer experience during pregnancy, birth and at discharge, when working with high risk neonates and their families in the Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU).

She is passionate about empowering parents in the care of their babies throughout the neonatal period, advocating for and growing the developmental care rounds.

These rounds teach parents how to provide developmentally supportive care to their high-risk newborns.

She has played a key role in developing dozens of patient information brochures with consumer input, initiated multidisciplinary parent education sessions, encouraged consumers to engage in quality improvement projects and led a neonatal palliative care group for parents with extremely sick and dying babies.

Amanda has consistently advocated for and engaged with consumers, ensuring their feedback informs positive changes within the NCCU.

For instance, she has been instrumental in implementing NicView™ cameras in the NCCU for families separated from their babies, ensuring they have access to them via a live video stream.

Congratulations to the other finalists for these awards including,

  • Language Services, Allied Health and Administration Services Team Ling Ling Holloway, Hazar Am Ali, My-Linh Do, Mariedith Kendall, Jannie Liao, Phuong Nguyen, Heidi Roshan, Clara Tang and Wenlin Zhu
  • Cystic Fibrosis Unit Bruce Martin, Rebecca Keating, Grace Madden and Dr Lucy Burr
  • Day Surgery and Pre-Admission, Perioperative Unit Bundaberg

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