Meet the Mater People Award Winners -Jan Jones

22/Dec/2020     Mater Group

Congratulations to Mater Education Coordinator Jan Jones who won in the Mater Teaching Excellence, category of the Mater People Awards.          

The award sought to recognise an individual for demonstrating outstanding commitment to high quality teaching and learning by using contemporary, effective and innovative strategies to enhance learning, practice and outcomes.

Jan has been recognised for an innovative educational initiative that has reduced training time, improved patient outcomes and positively transformed learning engagement and clinical practice in Mater Mothers’ Hospital (MMH).

Jan works to develop, trial, implement and review educational strategies in the 5 Inpatient floors of the MMH. One of these strategies saw the implementation of mandatory education practical assessment sessions in the clinical area for Adult BLS, Patient handling and Neonatal BLS. 

Also included within the allocated timeframe were simulations sessions at the point of care focusing on the management of a maternal emergency.

This Insitu approach to essential education delivery was developed and undertaken due to the benefits demonstrated in emerging evidence.

After the trial, 100 percent of participants said being assessed at the point of care increased their confidence, supported skill acquisition and enhanced learning development.

Other reported benefits included improvements in team communication, psychological safety, collaboration, knowledge of their own clinical environment and increased engagement and compliance with learning requirements.

The initiative reduced the length of time required to run mandatory education sessions from four hours to 90 minutes.

Due to the success of the initiative, Jan has assisted many other units across Mater to implement mandatory education programs to meet individual unit needs.

Congratulations to the other finalists for these awards including,

  • Felicity Prebble Physiotherapist & Education Coordinator
  • Jac Tolmie Clinical Facilitator

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