Meet the Mater People Award Winners - Volunteer Screening

23/Dec/2020     Mater Group

Congratulations to the Mater Volunteer Entry Screeners who won in the Volunteer of the Year category of the Mater People Awards.     

The award sought to recognise volunteers for outstanding commitment, generosity and spirit through volunteering at Mater while making a positive and lasting impact on the organisation.

It’s not everyone who volunteers to work in a hospital during a pandemic, but this team has done exactly that, exemplifying what it means to live the Mater values and serve the community during a time of great need.

When COVID struck, Mater staff were required to control hospital entrances, screening all entrants to ensure patient and staff safety. In July, volunteers took on this role, freeing up hundreds of staff hours drawn from all over the hospitals including clinical areas.

An additional 50 volunteers were recruited or retrained for the role at the frontline of the COVID crisis, ensuring Mater’s ability to keep staff and patients safe. The Volunteer Entry Screeners team adapted to many changes to safety parameters including the introduction of mask-wearing with a smile on their face and a willingness to serve.

They respectfully greeted and screened people from diverse backgrounds every day— non-English speakers, people with disability, anxious and sometimes challenging patients and visitors. Giving directions for the fever clinic. Explaining gently to relatives they cannot visit their loved ones.

Representing the team is one of our shining lights of volunteering, Lyndall Beattie. Lyndall not only volunteers as an Entry Screener but has volunteered at Mater since 2017 in a range of roles including Wayfinding Ambassador, Admissions Assistant in Cancer Care, Campus Tour Guide for new staff; at Mater Foundation events; and in the Mater Education volunteer Patient Simulation program.

Congratulations to the other finalists for these awards including,

  • Jackie and Paul Cox, Mater Private Hospital Springfield
  • Isabel Cumming, Mater Private Hospital Springfield and Mater Hospital Brisbane
  • Andy Loney, Mater Foundation & Mater Cancer Care centre

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