Triplets home for first Christmas

Bringing their triplets home from hospital in time for Christmas is the best gift anyone could give to St George parents, Josephine and Cohen Nunn.

The young married couple had to relocate from their country home to South East Queensland when Mrs Nunn was 23 weeks pregnant with triplets, so she was closer to a tertiary hospital for close observation and regular scans.

Their little boys, Louis, Winston and Maverick, arrived on 10 November 2021 at 34 weeks gestation and have been in Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit and Special Care Nursery for the past four weeks.

New mum, Mrs Nunn said, “The risk of preterm labour is higher for women pregnant with triplets, and we didn’t want to put our babies at risk so the decision to pack up and temporarily relocate was an easy one for us to make.

“But we’re really excited to take them home now. It will be special to have our three little blessings home in time for Christmas.”

Louis, Winston and Maverick are the first set of triplets born in the Nunn family.

Mrs Nunn, a doctor, saw two heartbeats on the ultrasound monitor during their 7-week dating scan and thought they were having twins. Then the gynaecologist moved the probe and the new mum saw the third baby.

New dad, Mr Nunn, said “It was quite a surprise when we found out we were having triplets.

“We went from thinking we had to set-up a nursey for one baby to three babies.”

At a routine 14-week appointment, the Nunns were advised to relocate to South East Queensland when the pregnancy reached the 23-week mark. 

Their precautionary move proved worthwhile, with Mrs Nunn admitted to Mater Mothers’ Hospital for close observation after a scan revealed her cervix was shortening at 31 weeks pregnant. 

“Thankfully, my cervix held out for another three weeks after that scan, which was amazing, given I was carrying eight and half kilos of babies, placenta and fluid,” Mrs Nunn said.

Baby Louis was born first weighing 2080 grams, followed by Winston at 1990 grams and Maverick arrived last, weighing 2380 grams.

“They’re small and they’re preterm, but they’re really healthy and doing really well,” Mrs Nunn said.

“I’m overwhelmingly happy, so stoked and full of love,” Mrs Nunn added.

Mr Nunn said the nursery at their St George home was ready and waiting.

“We have three cots and two change tables set-up for us,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to our first Christmas as a family.”

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