Aussie fitness influencer celebrates first Christmas with miracle Lilly Kate

25/Dec/2022     Mater Mothers' Hospital

When Lilly Kate Robinson was born earlier this year, she weighed just 800g - no more than a loaf of bread.

Six months on, the once pint-sized princess is tipping the scales at 4.5kg and is ready to celebrate her first Christmas with proud mum and Sunshine Coast Insta-famous fitness influencer Emily Kate Robinson and partner Keenan Algie.

Lilly Kate was born via an emergency caesarean at Mater Mothers’ Hospital at South Brisbane on June 22, more than 100km away from home at Coolum.

Ms Robinson said her baby girl arrived 14 weeks early and spent just shy of 100 days in the Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Ms Robinson, a qualified personal trainer who specialises in women’s health, said her daughter’s unexpected arrival came as a “complete shock”.

She said to be home for Christmas as a family was a dream come true.

“Our strong girl was such a fighter, and she came home for the first time eight weeks before Christmas,” Ms Robinson said.

“I am in awe of her strength and determination to survive.

“She came off oxygen on December 14 and that was the best Christmas present ever.

“We are looking forward to Christmas this year – my little brother hasn’t met her yet so it will be a very special day.”

Mater neonatologist Dr Luke Jardine said it was amazing to hear how far Lilly Kate had come in the last six months.

With one in five Queensland babies born at a Mater Mothers’ hospital, Dr Jardine said a baby born at 26 weeks is given about an 85 per cent chance of surviving.

Ms Robinson said Lilly Kate was a happy and healthy six-month-old, showing more of her personality every day.

“She sleeps all through the night. I love watching her reach her milestones,” she smiled.

Ms Robinson described this year as the “hardest but best year of her life”.

“Words can’t describe how hard it was when Emily Kate arrived so early – it was an emotional rollercoaster. Having her home now is the absolute best and I just live for these little wins,” Ms Robinson.

“She is honestly our beautiful miracle baby.”

Ms Robinson thanked the medical team at Mater Mothers’, including the nursing and midwifery teams who helped saved her daughter’s life.

“From the bottom of my heart, we are so incredibly thankful for every single doctor, nurse and piece of equipment that helped Lilly Kate get through all the little milestones,” she said.

“I want to say thank you for every message I received when I had to leave the hospital on my own to a small hotel room while being 100km from home - those little things helped so much.”

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