Little Lacey is Mater Mothers first 2018 baby

01/Jan/2018     HealthMater Mothers' Hospital

Born at 12.33 am beautiful baby Lacey McKeown was the first baby to be born at Mater Mothers in 2018. 

Proud parents, Rebecca and Shawn McKeown, who also have a two and a half year-old son, Fraser,  said they were delighted that 2018 was off to such a special start.

“We weren’t really sure when she would be born as her due date changed between Christmas and 30 December,” said Rebecca McKeown.

“Luckily we didn’t have any big New Year plans, just steak and veggies for dinner, so we managed to cook that before it was time to head into hospital.”

“It’s a relief she is here now and we certainly won’t forget her birthday!”

Weighing in at 3580 grams, Lacey was one of 19 babies to be born at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals on New Year’s Day.  On average 28 babies are born each day at Mater Mothers.

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