Young people brighten up Clarence Street

16/Jan/2020     Health

Things on Clarence Street South Brisbane just got a little bit brighter thanks to Electric box artwork by Clarence Street’s Day Program team with local artist Lisa Kelly.

Erin, Phoebe, Lucy and Cohen have worked with Mater Young Adult Centre’s Clarence Street Day Program staff Kimmy and Thomas to decorate the box in artwork that symbolises them.  

“The box is a hangout area, a safe place to have a chat about anything” Kimmy said.

“It’s an important place–a talking box, a listening box, a no judgement box”.

“The young people are clients of our Day Program service   who access and engage in our services regularly” she said.

Over a period of five weeks, the group met and brainstormed what images and symbols represented everyone.

There was food, lots of food–a whole side dedicated to food. Cheese toasties, coffee, sausages and watermelon!

Young person Erin said opposite the food is a big house.

“The house has an open door and the lights are on in the inside which represents a safe place for people,” Erin said.

“We’re also going to put our hand prints above it which represents all the young people who come here,” she said.

There’s also the Brisbane River that wraps around the box with footprints alongside it representing the flow of life, the clients and their journey.

A beautiful hot air balloon represents the rise and fall of a young person’s journey as well as a shield, representing the protection and safety of Clarence Street.

“It’s been really great to spend time together working on it,” Erin said.

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